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.031 wall     .062 wall     .093 wall    .125 wall     .187 wall

.250 wall     .375 wall     .500 wall     .750 wall     1.0 inch wall

G7 Glass Reinforced Silicone Tubes, Rods, Bars, Sheets



NEMA G-7 Tubes, Sheets, Rods and Bars satisfies MIL-I-24768/17 GSG, IEC 60893-3 Type 6 SI GC 201

G7 is manufactured of Glass Cloth Reinforced Silicone. Composed of a continuous glass woven cloth base impregnated with a silicone resin binder, this grade has excellent heat and arc resistance. 

Silicone thermosetting resins are among the best of all polymer materials in resistance to temperature. 

Hence, silicone is broadly used for high temperature electronic applications requiring low electrical losses. 

Silicone isn't as strong as epoxies and phenolics upon aging at lower temperatures but is stronger upon aging over 400° F.

G7 has extremely good dielectric loss properties under dry conditions and good electrical properties under humid conditions, although the percentage of change is high.

Tubes are made in 36" to 48" Lengths +/- 1.0" Length

Tubes by Wall Thickness:

.031"   .062"   .093"   .125"   .187"

.250"   .375"   .500"   .750"   1.00"

Round Rods 



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